The Internet of Things: Transforming Businesses

By Ian Stewart Head of Propositions for Machine to Machine and Internet of Things at Telefónica UK.

The Internet of Things World Forum is taking place in London on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I am honoured to not only be attending but also speaking alongside a number of other industry experts. My keynotes speech will be exploring the evolution from M2M into the internet of things (IoT).

Once a concept, now a reality there is no doubt that the IoT will change the way we work and live. Today there are over 9 billion connected devices in the world – that’s approximately two billion more than people on this planet – and numbers are set to continue to grow to 24 billion by 2020.

Data is the new oil’ – there are hundreds of blogs and whitepapers that will tell you this. Just imagine the potential depth and breadth of data that we will be able to process from 24 billion connected devices. Interpreted effectively and actioned appropriately this data will offer insight that can truly transform how businesses work and serve. Just in time food delivery, optimisation of energy, smart homes, smart cities, wearable technology and even driverless cars; the possibilities are endless and are only just beginning to be explored.

With insight on 24 million UK customers and a historic smart metering contract in the bag Telefónica UK are at the forefront of the IoT revolution. In the last few years we have brought to market, along with our various partners, solutions for vehicle telematics, “pop up” connectivity, connected CCTV and managed m2m connectivity.

But despite our own depth of knowledge, we know that working with best of breed partners is the key to accelerating market growth. Our Global Partners Programme is designed to bring together expertise from across a broad spectrum of device manufacturers, sensor experts and distributors. It means we can bundle together niche products to create fully managed solutions that bring clear market value. Much like a single connected m2m device is only as strong as the connections and functions in which it links to; it is the connection with our partners that will enable us to truly transform the IoT from a powerful but unknown quantity into true business transformation.

For more information on how we’re enabling businesses embrace m2m visit our website. If you’re attending the event please do visit our stand and get involved with the conversation on Twitter using #MakeItWow.