Let an O2 Guru help you out this Christmas

Everyone’s got that tricky giftee. The Secret Santa who keeps themselves a bit too secret. Don’t resort to socks.

Tweet our O2 Guru with your gift buying dilemmas on Tuesday 16 December using #O2GuruGifts – all day we’ll be sending out personalised Christmas vines from an O2 Guru to inspire your gift-giving. For best gift advice results, tag your friend and call out the reason for your gifting woes.

Struggling to pick the parents gifts? Tweet your dilemma with #O2GuruGifts for the chance to win them a prize.

Plus, we’ve got prizes up for grabs. From all the tweets we get tagged with #O2GuruGifts and your pressie problems, we’ve got fifty-five prizes to give away at random to win the tech our Guru suggests in your vine.

If you’re feeling extra festive, you can give it as a gift. But if it’s just too good to give away, wrap it up with your name on and put it under the tree from us.

Even though it’s Christmas, there are a still a few little terms and conditions to follow if you’re in it for a prize. We’ll outline everything you need to do in all our tweets, including how the winners are chosen, but you can read up HERE.