2014: A year in the Public Sector

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s worth taking a moment to look back at what’s been a Christmas cracker of a year in Public Sector, and start to look forward to an equally exciting 2015. 2014 was a year for change. A year when many public sector organisations have strived for more innovative ways to work smarter, empower their staff and engage with citizens.

This year the government has more than ever recognised the key role that digital can play in fuelling the country’s economy, and the ‘digital by default’ message has resonated with people across all communities. Whether it was the online voter registration system that went live in June, the newly digital student loan application process, or even the ability to apply for power of attorney online, people have more ways to interact digitally with vital services than ever before.

At O2, we recognise that moving to digital is a vital part of saving money and increasing productivity in the Public and Third sectors. That is why in August we launched the No.10 Tariff, specifically designed to give public sector workers access to the latest digital technology. We’ve seen a fantastic level of response to the offer with many organisations seeing this as a real opportunity to equip their workers with smartphones and tablets to ensure citizens are being served in the best possible way. For me, the launch of the No.10 tariff was a highlight of 2014.

While there is clearly a real push for public sector organisations to adopt a digital strategy, coupled with this needs to be an assurance that data is stored and managed securely. This is something I prioritised for in 2014, resulting in O2 becoming the first mobile operator to achieve CAS(T) certification for mobile voice and data services. The importance of having a secure network cannot be overstated, and going into 2015 we will continue to invest £1.5 million in our network every day.

Our CAS(T) certification and the No.10 tariff represent just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve managed to achieve in 2014. Earlier this year we ran the local government digital fund (LGDF). With 3 events in 3 cities and over 200 attending councils, the LGDF offered £250,000 of expertise and digital know-how to help develop the winning council’s most digital services.

Other projects that have made me proud to be part of O2 have included the launch of our Bluelight Managed Mobility proposition enabling Police Officers to work smart on the beat, and rolling out O2 Wifi to stations across the country.

Looking back at my 2013 Christmas list, Santa certainly delivered over the past 12 months. We’ve helped our Public Sector customers tackle some of their toughest challenges by putting digital services at the heart of every solution, and we are looking to go even further in 2015. I’m committed to ensuring we’re delivering value and innovation in everything we do next year, to ensure our customers can work smarter and truly engage with their citizens.

For more information on how O2 is supporting the Public Sector visit our website or follow us on Twitter @O2BusinessUK.