2014: A year of digital change for UK PLC

As Christmas approaches and 2014 comes to a close, it’s worth taking a looking back at what’s been a busy year for UK PLC. 2014 was a year of digital change. A year when many businesses searched for more innovative ways to work smarter, empower their staff and engage with customers. A year when they turned to technology to help them be more efficient, engaging and responsive.

The start of the year was all about productivity. O2, along with the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr), released a new study revealing how technology can help businesses find productivity gains of 3.9%; a figure that’s worth £30 billion to UK PLC. Smarter working Britain examined some of the long-term inefficiencies in British businesses and how transforming business processes can boost organisations.

Managed mobility was also a priority for our customers in 2014. Throughout the year we helped them hold on and let go. From network connectivity to custom apps and secure device management, we’ve enabled our customers to free their workforce from unproductive constraints and take even better care of their customers.

2014 saw expectations for seamless connectivity increase, including in your workplace. Your employees and visitors want a quick and easy way to get online from any device. With O2 Wifi for Office we’ve provided customers with a reliable and secure way to connect their buildings to the internet and non-corporate applications. We’ve already helped organisations like McDonald’s, Debenhams and Canary Wharf with O2 Wifi across their estate. And we use it ourselves; O2 Wifi is available to all staff and visitors across our workplaces and stores.

At O2 we’re focused on delivering the best network service for our customers, and this year we grew our 4G coverage to 280 towns and cities. We were delighted to announce O2 achieved ISO27001 certification for our mobile voice and data services earlier in the year, evidencing the strength and resilience of our network. Our £1.5 billion investment in this network over the next three years will include the on-going modernisation of our 2G and 3G networks, as well as continuing the roll-out of 4G until we achieve our target of covering 98% of the UK population.

Looking back at 2014, we’ve helped our private sector customers tackle some of their toughest challenges by putting digital services at the heart of every solution, and we’re looking to go even further in 2015. I’m committed to ensuring we deliver value and innovation in everything we do, to ensure our customers can work smarter and truly engage with their customers.

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