Text message tips

Don’t want to be making this face this Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone… well almost! Sometimes with all the festive cheer, it’s tough to notice whether you’re sending a normal text (SMS) or picture message (MMS). So read these 4 quick and easy steps to make sure that you’re ‘on the bauble’ this year.


Did you know… more texts and picture messages were sent in January this year than any other month so we want to help you send the right one rather than your texts mistakenly being turned into picture messages.


1) Email address or phone number?

Only put phone numbers in the ‘To’ box if you want to send a text. Also, if you’re sending someone’s contact details on, don’t send the whole contact card.



2) Text message subject

It can be good to alert your friends to what your message is about but if you’re only sending a text, try to avoid using subject headers.



3) Keep it short and sweet

Watch the character count on your phone as messages with more than 360 characters count as picture messages. It’s worth noting that many devices will alert customers when a SMS message is converting to an MMS message before it is sent.




4) Tempted to beautify your message?

As much as your friends will love a pretty picture of funny emoticons that you’ve downloaded, keep it simple. Attachments and using smileys or emoticons that weren’t automatically on your phone will convert the message to an MMS.



Remember that you can keep an eye on your tariff and bills with our digital app, MyO2, which is one of the ways that you can keep up to date with your usage and spending. Through MyO2 you can also activate our MMS Bolt On which allows you to send up to 50 picture or video messages in a month at the reduced price of 10p per message