Are you Share Aware?

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s never been more important for parents to keep their tech-savvy kids safe online. Most parents agree that the benefits of the internet outweigh the potential risks, but many struggle to know where to turn for trusted sources of advice and support to keep their families safe online.

Today, our friends at NSPCC launched the Share Aware campaign to help parents keep their children safe when socialising online. It provides simple advice to help parents untangle the web, understand how their children are interacting online and feel more confident discussing online safety.

Many parents feel anxious about what their children are doing online, so as part of the campaign, NSPCC has created Net Aware – a no-nonsense guide to help parents navigate the social networks, sites and apps children use – as provided by parents and young people themselves.

The purpose of the guide is to provide parents with the information they need to understand more about the different sites and apps that their children are using. It’s designed to help parents assess the benefits and risks of popular social media sites and enable parents to have early conversations, building trust and encouraging children to be open about their experience of using the web.

The Share Aware campaign also includes two animations – I Saw Your Willy and Lucy and the Boy. These short and impactful films follow the stories of two children who share too much about themselves online. Both films contain the simple message that although children are taught that it’s good to share, this is not always the case online.

Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC, said: “Children are taught from an early age that it is good to share but doing so online can be very dangerous. We know that children do take risks online, sometimes without realising it. And we know some parents feel confused by the internet – out of their depth, and out of control. Our Share Aware campaign gives parents straightforward, no-nonsense advice that will help them to untangle the web and feel confident talking to their children about online safety. We must all be Share Aware.”

We’re delighted to welcome and endorse this important campaign, helping to ensure that parents and children have access to resources and support to be safer online. For more information about the Share Aware campaign visit

If you’d like further information about keeping your family safe online, visit or say hello to an O2 Guru.