2015: New Year, new digital resolutions

By Derek McManus, COO Telefónica UK

From exploring the trends within enterprise technology, we can see that many organisations aren’t making the most of the solutions available to them. As it’s been often demonstrated, becoming a truly integrated digital organisation can deliver amazing real-world benefits – so why are many slow to react?

Are organisations still waiting for a digital revolution? Because – and this shouldn’t come as a surprise – we’re already in one.

From wearables, to analytics to always-on collaboration, lots of technologies that used to be considered a thing of the future are here now; affordable, tested and reliable. So, with that in mind, here’s my technology ‘to-do’ list for enterprise organisations in 2015 – all totally achievable, well before the end of the year!

1.     Use analytics to develop your customer insight

Better use of analytics can improve your relationship with customers, helping you to personalise their experience depending on where they are, and what they’re doing. You can then ensure that all your communications are relevant and meaningful, instead of delivering on static and general 2D profiles and modelling. At O2, we currently do exactly this, by helping local councils to plan transport requirements based on actual usage and needs.

2.    Consider how the cloud can make your business more flexible

The more agile your business, the better it can respond to changing environments. Here at O2, our sales and engineering teams use Office 365 to access their ‘office’ on-the-move, so they can stay agile and prioritise time with customers.

3.     Deliver better collaboration

On the one hand you’re helping employees to be more efficient, on the other, you’re helping to deliver better work-life balance – an ever increasing priority for the modern employee. As a telecoms company, we’re pretty mobile already but we’re always looking to do more, such as launching initiatives to make sure all our internal intranet and systems are smartphone friendly.

4.    Look at how advances in wearable technology could help you

Rolling out Google Glass for all your employees may not be realistic or even required but employee wearables are already making a difference for many workplaces. A great example of this is the body-worn video service we provide to police officers, social workers and security guards around the country. Our ID card cameras currently help keep thousands of front-line staff and citizens  safe.

5.     Use wifi and 4G to keep up with always-on customers

Public wifi and superfast 4G connections make it easier than ever for your  staff to stay connected to your customers – any time, any place. After all, as I’ve spoken about in a previous blog we’re all thirsty for the best network coverage.

So there we have it, a list of New Year resolutions for your organisation. It may seem like a lot but the capability is here, now. Though of course, it is not just about the technology. The biggest challenge, as ever, will be making the cultural changes necessary to adopt these new ways of working.

Above all this year, I would love to see a change in the mind-set of enterprise managers, as they push their organisations forward and fully embrace what digital can offer.  Let us know how you are getting on with your 2015 digital resolutions by tweeting @O2BusinessUK  – in my opinion, it’s much easier than joining the gym!