The future of leisure: New Year, new you?

Read our report to explore the impact of conscious consumers on the leisure industry.

With a New Year comes new resolutions and along with plans to “eat less, drink less and move around more” many consumers are giving more thought to how and where they spend their leisure time. While it’s often accepted that many people give up on their resolutions before the dark days of February are through, research commissioned by Telefonica from the Future Foundation[1] found a large percentage of consumers are actually leading more moderated and self-disciplined lives all year round.

So how are consumers driving our society towards sobriety? Almost half of women said they would like to take better care of their body, many consumers feel that free time shouldn’t be seen as an excuse to overindulge, and more people are taking better care of their health and wellbeing and monitoring their progress digitally. To tap into this trend Fitness First, one of many UK fitness chains, will be spending £5m on rolling out digital tools such as wearable technology and trackers across their sites.[2]

In addition, there is a desire to upgrade leisure time from fun to fulfilment and many businesses are already contemplating the impact this will have on their marketing and sales strategy. For example, 65% of people agree that leisure time should be about learning new things, not just having fun, and it will be the businesses that support people in achieving their goals that will see a rise in demand for their services.

So what can leisure providers do to retain and grow their customer base? We believe the answer lies in better engagement and richer, more powerful data – helping customers to understand what your business can offer that others can’t by educating and assisting them. Whether you’re helping them unwind, learn new skills or shed a few pounds, using digital tools to truly understand them, and to help them understand themselves, will enable your business to deliver exactly what they need. Read our report to find out more.

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[1] All statistics in O2 report from Future Foundation nVision research: