Key business takeaways from CES 2015

By Alyson Edmunds, Mobility Expert at Telefónica UK

 The Consumer Electronics Show held every January in Las Vegas was as popular as ever with no less than 170 thousand attendees and 3600 exhibitors – a new record. Visitors to the show were treated to a full spectrum of tech ranging from market changing potential to downright wacky. As a consultant you can imagine it was the more practical tech that caught my eye, so here are my thoughts.


Wearables, Wearables and more Wearables. Everywhere you looked the headlines were full of news on wearable technology. From watches, fitness bands and hearables to baby sensors, wearable socks and belts. There was so much news in fact I’ve written a whole blog on how 2015 could be the year of wearables for business.

The Internet of Things (IoT):

Smartphones and smartwatches to control the smart home and smart car. The IoT and smart EVERYTHING were out in force this year  with Samsung’s Chief Exec promising  more than $100m in funding to create an open system to kick start the IoT. Samsung sold 665m devices last year many of which already have internet connectivity. They predict in just two years’ time 90% of these devices will plug into the IoT ecosystem and 100% of them by 2020. Exciting times ahead but I still feel that we still need to overcome the security and privacy concerns surrounding big data that also come as a by-product to the IoT.

Smart devices will be the remote control to your life; it’s something we’ve been saying for years at O2. They can remotely send several wireless commands to smart home appliances such as washers, robot cleaners and refrigerators to control and monitor them. As machine-to-machine becomes ever more prevalent in smart home, car and IoT spaces, smartphones and smartwatches will play a crucial role in centrally managing and simplifying these complicated systems.

3D Printing:

3D printing was another hot topic. With the price of 3D printers reducing and new materials being used to print, new opportunities and use cases are being thought of daily. For more of my thoughts on possibilities of 3D printing then read my blog (here INSERT LINK).  

Movement in mobiles:

Dual-Edge bending displays to be available soon: LG Display, one of the biggest smartphone display-panel providers, showed its active bending. This new prototype has a 6.0 inch Plastic OLED display that folds over the “two-sided” edges of the device. It is speculated that Samsung is working on a dual-edge, curved Galaxy S6 at the moment,

In other mobile news Palm is set to make a comeback under a different guise with TCL Comms Holdings (aka Alcatel) reviving the once iconic PDA brand. Kodak launched its 1st mobile phone, the Kodak IM5 smartphone running on Android and aimed at the more mature user. And Microsoft confirmed the Nokia branding isn’t dead, by launching the new low cost Nokia 215 – a smartphone featurephone hybrid that comes internet ready with facebook, twitter and opera mini preloaded.

And lastly you may never need to plug your smartphone in to charge again if a wireless power hub called WattUp comes to market. It allows you to charge up to 12 devices at once from 6meters away using a power router and Bluetooth connection. Particularly handy if you’re like me and can never find the right charger for your multiple devices.