Clobility: A single strategy for both cloud and mobility

By Wequas Azad, Head of Technical Services at Telefónica UK

For the past year or so customers have been increasingly asking me about cloud services – be it private, public or hybrid. This inevitably drifts into a subsequent discussion on mobility, flexible working and workforce optimisation. Cloud can mean many things to many people. The reality is that while each of these technologies are buzzwords in their own right, there is an intricate thread that joins them together.

Clearly there are many benefits for organisations moving applications into the cloud, not least is the ability to make quick information available wherever there’s an internet connection.  You might think that this is a pretty basic use of cloud technology but if you consider the investment vendors have made in the optimisation of user experience across device operating systems then you can begin to understand the opportunity vendors see in cloud enabled mobility.

For some businesses cloud may just about moving their assets off site, moving to an opex spend model, or increasing flexibility – all of which are perfectly valid. However other businesses are looking to cloud for business transformation. Supporting an increasingly mobile workforce, enabling flexible working, securely managing a broad range of devices, and attracting top young talent is becoming a priority for many.  This is where “Clobility” comes in.

Clobility is a key component to ensure that when organisations consider cloud applications, they factor the changing landscape of their workforce for both today and tomorrow.  Joining up cloud and mobility strategies will provide organisations with the benefits of cloud along and the key ingredients to wider business transformation. But it’s not enough to just provide the right ingredients. Transformation lies in user adoption rather than the core technology itself. For example; if cloud applications are on the agenda, as much focus as possible should be given to delivering the right user experience that enables mobile working. Hence Clobility: a single strategy for both cloud and mobility.

This can be demonstrated by the direction of the leading vendors in both Cloud and Mobility.  The handset vendors are producing better screens, across a wide range of sizes to suit everyone, what’s more fast processors and increased computing performance all to allow users to do much more than ever before.  The cloud vendors are investing heavily in optimising the experience for mobile devices, many citing this as their USP by ensuring the screen rendering for their app delivers a better, and therefore more useable, interface for the user.

So while Clobility is a term that I just made up, maybe this time next year the 2016 trends reports will all be covering why clobility should be a key digital strategy for businesses.

What do you think? Is your business looking to align Cloud and Mobility strategies? Get in touch with me on twitter @WesAzadO2 and join the Clobility debate.