O2 launches brand new No.10 Tariff

By O2 Business

When we launched the No.10 tariff in August 2014, we did so with the intention to provide Public and Third Sector customers with the very best value digital services in the UK. The feedback from organisations was that by having access to the latest 4G technology, they were able to drive agile working, increase the productivity of their staff and ensure citizens were served in the best possible way.

Health trusts have taken advantage of the No.10 tariff by using mobile devices to treat patients in their own home using remote access to information. Local councils are equipping their senior staff with the right technology to enable more efficient working , and Fire and Rescue services are ensuring their front line staff have instant access to vital information at the right place at the right time.

That is why we have launched the next iteration of the No.10 tariff, specifically designed to offer great value tablets across all of Public Sector. The new tariff will ensure organisations are able to work smarter, and unlock the incredible productivity potential available to them.

At just £10 a month customers get:

  • A 4G data only connection, which includes 5GB data per month.
  • £100 connection credit to offset against the purchase of a new tablet.
  • Complete flexibility* on the number of connections under the contract.
  • The option of adding Mobile Device Management as a bolt on for £2 per month per device.

What’s more customers will get access to the UK’s most secure commercial mobile network following O2 becoming the first mobile operator to achieve CAS(T) certification for mobile voice and data services.

Our study released in conjunction with the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) found that the UK economy is missing out on  £30 billion worth of productivity due to a connectivity deficit in Britain’s biggest businesses and public sector organisations. The report showed that the benefits of improved connectivity brought about by technology such as tablets can result in a 157 hour increase in productivity hours per employee, per year. In total, our findings show potential economic benefits worth £7.2 billion to large organisations in the Public Sector.

The No.10 tariff offers a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of this missed productivity, and will be available under Lot 6 of the PSN Services Framework as a Direct Award option, accelerating the delivery of benefits and simplifying the award process.

For more information on how your organisation can discover the benefits of 4G tablet technology click here.

*No.10 Tariff Terms & Conditions

  • No minimum spend commitment applies
  • On expiry of the 24-month term, you may terminate the Call-off Contract with no penalty or charge
  • No charge will be applied for device unlocking on expiry of the 24-month term
  • No minimum period applies for individual connections
  • The handset is provided with the tariff, and becomes the property of the authority after the expiry of 24 months continuous connection to the O2 network
  • If a device has been connected for more than 24 months then you can return it and get any remaining value back via O2 Recycle
  • Any devices that have been connected to the O2 network for less than 24 continuous months may either be:
  • Returned without cost to O2
  • Purchased based on a pro-rata calculation of the remaining connection credit that applies to the connection