Proud to support the Community First Responders

The Ambulance service gets to most calls very quickly. But it may not be quickly enough – especially in countryside areas or large commercial complexes. There’s a period of time between making a 999 call and the ambulance arriving in which little or no emergency care takes place. Community First Responders can provide essential simple treatment in those crucial first few minutes. They are asked by the Ambulance Communications Centre to attend emergencies in their in their neighbourhood. This could include a collapse due to medical problems, accidents in the home or a public place.  These extra minutes do help to save lives.  Once an ambulance crew arrives at the scene, CFRs work alongside the clinically qualified practitioners.

Community First Responders are all volunteers. They can be members of the public, who have received basic training in life saving interventions such as defibrillation, off duty ambulance staff, or professionals from a non-medical discipline who may be nearby or attending emergencies, such as fire fighters or security officers.

O2 partners with a number of front line organisations like Community First Responders to help them with their essential technology and social media needs.  Our technology and services are used by organisations such as Network Rail and Transport for London, a number of central and local Government bodies, 27 Police Forces, 11 Fire Services and four Ambulance Trusts.  We believe sharing our expertise and innovation is a great way of to support the organisations who are on the front line every day supporting the wider emergency services. Opening up the possibilities of technology for CFR’s to use isn’t just important; it really can make the difference between life and death.  O2 is proud to support Community First Responders on the frontline.

Watch a short film about the amazing work of Community First Responders below.

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