Public Sector forecasts a cloudy 2015

By Neil Cruden, G-Cloud Framework Manager at Telefónica UK.

As a company we’ve spoken a lot about the Government’s digital agenda, but there is one aspect of this that is set to grow exponentially in 2015. Public Sector organisations of all sizes are looking to the cloud as a way of delivering the ‘Digital by Default’ agenda.

At the beginning of 2015, 80% of UK organisations had adopted at least one cloud-based service, and UK cloud adoption had grown by over 60% since 2010. Not only that, but experts predict that 2015 will see first-time cloud adoption increase by 15%. But what’s driving this surge, and what impact will it have on the government’s digital agenda?

Strategies around cloud computing inevitably drift into subsequent discussions on mobility, flexible working and workforce optimization. Cloud can mean many things to many people, but the main benefits that are attracting Public Sector organisations are the considerable cost savings available. The Rt Hon Francis Maude has consistently spoken about the introduction of a ‘Cloud-First’ policy within the Public Sector and he highlights the G-Cloud Framework as the ideal vehicle with which to implement this strategy.

G-Cloud is a multi-supplier, direct award procurement vehicle for commoditised, cloud provisioned IT services listed in an online catalogue called the ‘Digital Marketplace’. Touted as the Public Sector equivalent of iTunes, it was established as a framework built on openness and transparency providing quick access to transformational cloud based digital services. Three years on and the framework is going from strength to strength with sales having reached over £393 million.

The latest iteration of the framework- G-Cloud 6- has continued the digital revolution, making it even easier for Public Sector organisations to procure off the shelf products at a fraction of the cost of bespoke solutions. What’s more, the nature of the Digital Marketplace means a step change in the speed and competitiveness with which G-Cloud services can be procured. That was why I was delighted when O2 Telefónica were successful in gaining a position on all 4 lots of the new framework covering 10 service offerings. It gives us the chance to offer organisations the products and services that underpin a digital first strategy.

The last 3 years have seen organisations of all sizes begin to realise the huge benefits cloud computing can bring in terms of mobility, flexibility and cost. With the continued development of the Digital Marketplace and the G-Cloud framework, the Public Sector looks set to benefit from a continually evolving, increasingly cost effective procurement vehicle. With the new G-Cloud framework all forecasts are pointing towards a cloudy 2015 for Public Sector.

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