Introducing Alex Walter: Managing Partner for Health

Last month Alex Walter became the Managing Partner for Healthcare in O2’s Public Services team. Working for O2 since 2012 his previous roles include looking after various Local Government, Central Government, Housing and NHS trust customers giving him a broad view of public services and a good understanding of the importance of providing an engaging health service for citizens.

We asked Alex a few questions on his ‘state of the nation’ for O2 and health.

What are the biggest opportunities facing health right now?

“The opportunity to integrate social services with healthcare organisations could return huge benefits. Streamlining the way we currently care for people and aligning the two core services will bring about greater efficiency and enhanced service.

Without wanting to appear biased I also see mobility as a key opportunity for public health services. Mobile and flexible working practices will enable health care providers to minimise administration, and empower front line staff with the right information at the right time, independent of location. Both of which will ultimately  optimise the time spent with patients.

An initiative which I think is particularly great, is an Innovate UK-funded project called Caring Cloud. This scheme helps vulnerable people in need of care to stay in their own homes through the use of smart health technology. Connected panic buttons, smoke and heat alarms, along with 24/7 monitoring enables individuals that would have once needed to be in full time care to continue living an independent life in their own home”

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the Health industry?

“The health industry is at a constant struggle to find funds to give their patients the service they expect. An aging population coupled with increased patient expectations and reduced budgets are resulting in huge pressure for health and social care services. With an increasing number of private companies delivering healthcare on behalf of the NHS, it is vital we find a balance between public and private health services that maintains an excellent quality of service.”

Why O2 and health?

“I’m proud to head up a dedicated Healthcare Practice within O2’s Public Services business unit. Since starting the role I’ve spent lots of time with our customers and I’ve been delighted to see that O2 is already helping many Healthcare organisations with their digital agenda. Helping them realise the tangible benefits that technology can deliver.

As a partner to Healthcare organisations we have the opportunity to make a positive difference for everyone in the UK; it is something that I will measure my team’s success against as we continue to expand our market share in Healthcare. We have an internal culture throughout our organisation of being extremely flexible and customer focused, and as long as we can always translate that into clinical outcomes, then I believe O2 will continue to be a great fit with healthcare organisations.”

To find out more about how O2 is supporting health please visit our website.