O2 - proud to support Blood Bikers

However well resources are managed within a clinical environment, there are always emergencies and unexpected complications – especially at weekends and at night.

Blood Bikers are the 1500 men and women all over Britain who dedicate a few evenings a week to providing an out-of-hours rapid response courier service and transporting hospital deliveries across the country.

The Blood Bikers are all volunteers, and in 2013 they responded to around 35,000 urgent requests from hospitals, saving the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds. They carry urgently needed medical items such as blood, biological samples, medical notes, x-rays and scans. There’s also the ‘milk round’, transporting donor breast milk from the milk bank to neonatal units, to feed premature or sick babies.  Without the work of the Blood Bike charities, hospitals would be forced to pay couriers and taxi drivers to transport products.

What’s most extraordinary is that very few patients actually know that a Blood Biker has been involved in their care – they are the unseen heroes of the night.  The efficiency of the nocturnal network of Blood Bikers is managed by a regional controller and clear, concise communication protocol is essential.  From the first call from the hospital, the call to the Rider on duty, the acknowledgement texts and the final ‘job complete’ message, there is a complicated but well-oiled communication programme in action.

The 25 regional charities that make up the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikers (NABB) co-ordinate their own activity regionally, but also work together when required.  On occasion, a delivery can be further afield, and the drivers enter ‘relay mode’, and are reliant on mobile communication tools to hand over the precious cargo  from one area to another.

O2 partners with a number of front line organisations like NABB to help them with their essential technology and communication needs.  Our technology and services are used by organisations such as Network Rail and Transport for London, a number of central and local Government bodies, 27 Police Forces, 11 Fire Services and four Ambulance Trusts.  We believe sharing our expertise and innovation is a great way  to support the organisations who are on the front line every day supporting the wider emergency services. Opening up the possibilities of technology for Blood Bikers to use isn’t just important; it really can make the difference between life and death.  O2 is proud to support the Blood Bikers on the frontline.

Watch a short film about the amazing work of the Blood Bikers here.


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