Digital contracts offer swifter sign up in store

We’re always looking at ways to make our customers lives easier which is why we’ve pushed paper out to make room for digital contracts in stores, offering a slicker sign up process and supporting our Think Big commitment to the environment.

A lean, green paperless machine

In an industry first, the introduction of digital contracts removes all eight sheets of paper from each transaction and the need for multiple signatures. It reduces the overall sign up process by a massive 12 minutes as customers can now accept the contract agreement digitally and access their copy on My O2 – a great way to bring digital to life. If that wasn’t enough, it’ll save roughly 15 million sheets of paper per year – that’s over 1,800 trees – so it’s a big tick for our Think Big sustainability programme.

Our O2 Stores advisors are big fans of digital contracts as it means they can help more customers on the shop floor during the day.  And they’ll get fewer paper cuts too.

Digital contracts are available in stores now. To find your nearest store visit our Stores locator.