O2 Gurus report on Samsung and HTC's new flagship phones

We sent O2 Gurus Amerie McAtamney and Emilio Buono to report on Samsung and HTC’s flagship launches at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona over the weekend. Here’s how they got on.

Amerie: “One of the main reasons I was excited about Mobile World Congress was to get a first look at Samsung’s new handsets, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, which were revealed on Sunday night. I wasn’t disappointed.

“First and foremost is the design. The S6 strikes the perfect balance between looking premium and classic at the same time. The built in battery is a new one for Samsung and offers a faster charging time for users. Samsung have gone all out on the camera too. The 5MP front facing camera is the best I’ve ever seen and perfect to capture all the action from a night out. They’re definitely going in the right direction with their design and I’m excited that we’ll be selling the S6 on O2 because I need it in my life.”

Emilio: “Sunday also saw Taiwanese giants HTC showcase their new flagship in the form of the HTC One (M9), which is an evolution of the M8, a handset I was a huge fan of. Flawless in design, fluid in response and a treat to hold. For me those are the keys to unlocking my heart. (Wallet too.) With its all-metal body and two colour options of two-tone gold on silver or gunmetal grey, it’s definitely one the best looking handsets on the market. On the camera, HTC have switched things up to move away from the M8’s ultra-pixels designed for low-light performance to go with a 20MP back camera to help you take awesome high res photos.

They’ve upped the spec sheet, toyed with the new Sense 7.0, delivered a bigger battery and amplified those tasty Boomsound speakers with some Dolby magic now running through it’s veins. It also comes with a new theme generator which means you can use the colours from your favourite photo or image to theme the phone’s interface. Pretty cool!”

O2 customers will able to pre-order all three devices. For more information, visit o2.co.uk

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