O2 Guru Amerie's round up from Monday at Mobile World Congress

After the excitement of ‘Samsung Sunday’ I was looking forward to the official start of Mobile World Congress to get a first look at some of the newest gadgets and gizmos designed to help people live better lives.

What a day! In amongst the latest tech on display I saw a coffee machine that had five senses, one of them being smell. Yes that’s right, I did just say smell! Just imagine, before you make a strawberry flavoured hot chocolate, you get to smell it first. Isn’t that amazing?

As a big fan of wearable tech I was excited to see the range of smart watches on offer. The highlight was definitely seeing the new LG Urbane smartwatch used to open a car door. It’s interesting to see what smartwatches are now capable of. I wonder what they’ll be able to do this time next year.

I also got to see a TV underwater from a company called HZO which provides special waterproof protection (called nanocoating) for electronics. To witness something like this seemed very surreal. I don’t think it has fully registered in my mind yet.

And finally, I was really impressed with the Lenovo and Intel booths. Both companies are very innovative and growing in popularity and size. Lenovo’s new tablets look pretty impressive and Intel showed they’re not just about chips as they showcased what they were doing in the world of security and wearables.

Watch this space for my next update at MWC.

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