Mobile World Congress. Two O2 Gurus. One unforgettable experience.

O2 Gurus Amerie McAtamney and Emilio Buono are heading home from Mobile World Congress having witnessed the unveiling of Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge plus a host of new innovations over the past couple of days. We caught up with them to get their highlights.

Emilio: Mind = blown. MWC is a pinnacle event for all tech companies that want to spread their love and passion with businesses and customers alike. Having the opportunity to fly to Barcelona and speak directly to some of the world’s most prestigious tech wizards…it gets me all tingly for tech.

One of my favourite stands was Intel. They had it all under control – an excitable team passionate for wearables and home automation, (well…beer automation), those guys had a spring in their step that resonated through their products. These guys are the founders of a business eco-system that was once the only tech around! From what we’ve seen of Intel shows good things to come, whether it be mobile or home computing, home automation or a VR motorbike helmet with a head up display…they mean business! Sony’s ridiculously thin 4K 60″ monster also blew my mind…I don’t even have to say much about was pretty much bezel-less too.

MWC also gave me some perspective on my own role. My time as an O2 Guru is ‘evolving’. There are many words that I could relate to ‘evolving’, but that pretty much sums it up. Not like a Pikachu evolving into Raichu, but more like our place on earth, ‘evolving’ with a desire for more. MWC showed that in terms of tech, we as ‘O2’ are very much at the heart of it. Unlocking the possibilities for our customers. And O2 Gurus – we’re first in line ;).

Amerie: To attend Mobile World Congress has been somewhat overwhelming, thought provoking, and definitely amazing. It puts a lot of things into perspective. We’re in a tough market. To say technology is evolving rapidly is an understatement. To keep your head above water you have to think smart, which is why I believe as O2 we come together, share and test ideas before we decide whether it is right for the customer and the company.

There was a lot of attention on smart technology for cars and for homes which is great as we’re already making progress in these areas working with Tesla, and the stuff we’re doing in smart metering and connected home.  It’s exciting to think about and be a part of.  Our role as O2 Gurus is to bring this technology to life for the customer.  It’s a very rewarding job and I feel very grateful to have had this experience.

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