Wednesday. Hump Day. Peak of the week.

The day that nobody really likes, because it’s too far from either weekend that surrounds it, has a few nicknames. And, for over a decade, it’s had another one: Orange Wednesdays.

Thanks to an admittedly great marketing promotion, which might also be the longest-running one ever (it started in a world before Facebook and Twitter existed, where smartphones were but a twinkle in the Nokia N-Gage’s eye), Brits have grown accustomed to seeing, sending or receiving a ‘Can someone send me an Orange Wednesday please?’ message in some form or another. But that’s all over now. And you’re pretty upset about it.

EE sim rehoming
Send that old EE or Orange sim card to ‘EE sim rehoming, 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX

As the final credits rolled on 25 February and EE takes away – let’s face it – the only decent thing about Wednesdays, we know that thousands of you will be left with a sim card that’s now just pointless. You know the one – you sneakily ordered it years ago, just so you could take someone to the pictures every week without breaking the bank. It seemed such a clever move back then. But now, you’ve got this sim card, sitting in the drawer, doing nothing. Useless. Or is it?

To wave a fond farewell to Orange Wednesdays, we’re taking it upon ourselves to extend it for a bit. And all it’ll cost you is that old, now-defunct Orange or EE sim.

We’ve got a pair of cinema tickets for first 200 people who send us the special ‘Orange Wednesdays’ sim that lived in a drawer for six days of the week, making its triumphant return on Wednesdays and sending that immortal word ‘FILM’ to 241.

To get your hands on a pair of our tickets, just pack up that sim and send it to us at EE sim rehoming, 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX. Stick a note in there with your name, address, date of birth and contact number, and if yours is one of the first 200 sims to arrive, we’ll send you a pair of cinema tickets off in the post. We’ve also got a little something planned for all these sim cards so stay tuned to @O2 on Twitter.

Don’t forget, if you’re on O2, you don’t need to wait until Wednesday to get something great. We’ve got loads of great everyday offers and experiences as well as weekly Priority Tickets in our Priority app. Last year we saved our customers £15m. Download it here.