A technophobe meets Telefónica

Lowland Rescue teams provide search and rescue support to the emergency services all over the country.  It’s our job to search for, and bring to safety anyone in need of our help. With O2 working with several organisations to improve community safety, I was invited to attend a Round Table event to hear all about the work they’ve been doing and to talk about what we do.

Billy D’Arcy kicked the day off with a sincere and thought provoking introduction to what O2 are working to achieve. I thought from this point it would prove to be a good afternoon.

We took a look at the video work O2 has been doing with some of the other charity partners.  I then had the opportunity to talk to the entire room about Lowland Rescue in my normal reserved and subtle way.  Ok, maybe my passion gets the better of me sometimes but everyone was very receptive to what I had to say. I think even my total lack of any technological understanding didn’t hamper me too much!

As with most meetings, the coffee breaks provided some great chat as well. To find people who could take my fanciful ideas and see how to progress them was fantastic. What to me was science fiction was to them scientific fact.

I just want to say on behalf of myself and the other 1500 members of Lowland Rescue, thanks to O2 for inviting us, and for listening to us. I feel like we have long been in the wilderness when it comes to recognition and I now think that with the support of Telefonica we can change that and promote the work of the partnership for the benefit for those who need us.

Meet Adrian Edwards

Lowland Rescue Vice Chair

What’s your role at Lowland Rescue?
My role as vice chair in Lowland Rescue is to represent LR with external agencies and partners. I am also the Lowland Rescue representative on the United Kingdom Search and Rescue Operators Group, having done so for 10 years.

How long have you been volunteering with Lowland Rescue?
I have been a member of a Lowland Rescue team for 13 years.

What’s your “day job” or what were you doing before?
In my day job I am an Emergency Care Assistant with South Central Ambulance Service. In layman’s terms I assist paramedics in patient care and treatment.

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