The O2 Lab meets the Emergency Services Volunteers

Community first responders race to the scene of emergency incidents and provide much needed triage and resuscitation before the ambulance arrives.  A network of volunteer rescuers and their dogs spend the night looking for someone lost on a lonely mountain. And making their way through the night, Blood Bikes deliver emergency supplies to hospitals with critical shortages.

O2 is proud to support these essential and inspiring volunteer services.

We recently held a round-table event to see what assistance we could provide to help make their lives easier and increase the safety of the population.

We talked about the need for increased coverage – especially in remote rural locations – and for practical support arranging rotas, managing volunteers and fundraising.

Then, we started to Think Big – it’s what The Lab is here for.  Is it possible to attach a 4G-enabled camera to a search and rescue dog?  Can autonomous drones scour an area more quickly than it can be done on foot?  Are we able to make defibrillators Tweet their location to anyone who needs one?

Some of our ideas need to wait until batteries last longer and cameras become more dog friendly.  But there’s no doubt that we can harness existing technology to radically increase the effectiveness of these volunteers.

Over the coming months, The Lab will be investigating how to put mobile technology to work for something more important than flinging birds at pigs.

If you have any thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet Terence Eden

Terence is a hacker.  He is responsible for making sure that our products are innovative, customer friendly, geek friendly, and as secure as possible.  Within The Lab, Terence has pioneered Telefonica’s expansion into 3D printing and ephemeral video.  As an “Explorer” he can often be found wearing Google Glass and trying to find new ways to help the business improve.