Budget 2015 gives Blood Bikers a boost

On Wednesday 18 March, the Chancellor announced the budget, which included the news that he will refund VAT for Blood Bikes charities following a publicly backed campaign.

The Chancellor recognised that: “our blood bike charities do an incredible job“. John Stepney, Chairman of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) commented: “It’s been around four years working on the VAT issue, but it was worth it in the end“.  O2 is proud to support our volunteer partner, the NABB, and their frontline support to the wider Emergency Services.

The Blood Bikers are the 1,500 men and women all over Britain who dedicate a few evenings a week to provide an out-of-hours rapid response courier service, transporting hospital deliveries across the country.

The Blood Bikers are all volunteers, and in 2013 they responded to around 35,000 urgent requests from hospitals, saving the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds. They carry urgently needed medical items such as blood, biological samples, medical notes, x-rays and scans. There’s also the ‘milk round’, transporting donor breast milk from the milk bank to neonatal units, to feed premature or sick babies.  Without the work of the Blood Bike charities, hospitals would be forced to pay couriers and taxi drivers to transport products.

Watch a short film about the amazing work of the Blood Bikers here