Be More_Digital with Think Big and Young Rewired State

Think Big have a new partnership to help young people develop their digital skills – helping them participate in social action, boost their employability and stimulate their entrepreneurial spirit.

Young Rewired State are really excited to be partnering with O2 Think Big this year to get all the young participants in the program excited about the creative potential of digital!

Most young people realise that digital skills are important for their futures, but without the right help learning them can seem intimidating. We want to help all Think Big participants to embrace the digital world, understand how to put the skills they already have to use, and discover new technologies which could enhance their social action projects.

Young Rewired State have been working with talented young programmers since 2009 and now run the largest annual hack event in the world, the ‘Festival of Code’, all over the UK. During the Festival all participants are challenged to use their digital skills to solve problems in their communities, whether that be at school, in their local area, across the UK, or even worldwide; so we know how powerful digital tools in the hands of inspired young people can be for instigating social change!

It was our experience of running the Festival which made us want to work alongside the Think Big team. Think Big participants come to the table with motivation, passion and solutions they want to drive forward – it’s a great starting point! But we want to help them level up and increase the scale and impact of their projects by using technology to reach new audiences online. We plan to do this by hosting a series of events focused around developing their ability to explore, collaborate and build online, as well as providing lots of online content to make the learning process as accessible as possible. Success for us isn’t just about every participant walking away with a completed social action project, it’s about them walking away with a load of new skills which will enhance their future professional and personal lives.

At Young Rewired State we’re big believers in peer-to-peer skill sharing and mentoring, so we’re really hoping to see lots of O2 employees collaborating with us to share their understanding of the digital world with the next generation. Over the years we’ve learnt that everyone has something to bring to the table, whether that be whizziness with HTML, an eye for the perfect camera angle, the ability to whip up a social media storm, or any other online skill, you just might have what’s needed to help make a good social action project awesome!

Tony Bhajam has just joined Young Rewired state. Before he worked for an organisation in Birmingham called Social Breakfast, helping young people launch social action projects and try to make real changes in communities to benefit young people.  He enjoys pies and nice trainers, but doesn’t like raisins or queuing.