7 reasons to modernise your network

By Ruben Fuentes Perez – Networks Solutions Architect at Telefónica UK

In an age of near constant connectivity, running a network of digital services is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Customers ask me daily – How can I make my network faster? How can I my network more resilient?  What’s the best way to manage costs?

Most of the networks I see are like patchwork quilts, made up of technologies that have been adapted and bolted together over time. But as the way we work continues to evolve, it is no longer enough to run new services on old infrastructure. It’s time to modernise – and here are 7 reasons why…

  1. Increased employee mobility. Employees now expect access to what they want, when they want it – from wherever they are and on any device.
  1. Your customers want a seamless digital experience. To do this, all parts of your infrastructure need to work together – allowing you to offer a consistent customer experience regardless of the platform or method of interaction.
  1. Easy access to 4G and Wifi. By integrating all of your connections into one platform, you can easily and quickly switch from fixed, to Wifi, to 4G as needed.
  1. Cloud / Software as a service (SaaS). Hosting apps in the cloud is now commonplace – and a single cloud version is the best way to ensure each user has access to the most up-to-date information.
  1. Need for cost reduction and simplified management. Achieving an end to end digital transformation can be complex – but it doesn’t need to be. A seamless end-to-end experience is far more easily achieved through a simplified infrastructure – with all services provided through a single supplier.
  1. The need for greater agility. The IT landscape doesn’t stand still. Your organisation is now expected to be responsive and available24/7 – both for your customers and your employees.
  1. Business continuity. Rather than having to pay for dedicated back-up connections, using 4G for business continuity allows you to make use of the network until it is needed.

O2 has the platform to meet these challenges – O2 Gateway. The UK’s first fully integrated platform, bringing together fixed, mobile and public access wifi network, through one contract and one connection.

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