Mobile data insights: Enabling a more informed passenger services

By John Acton, Managing Partner-Passenger Services at Telefónica UK.

It is widely agreed that disgruntled passengers are among the most vocal of customers out there and social media means their voice is more powerful than ever before. With so many variables affecting travel, understanding customer expectations and providing more personalised communications is crucial in appeasing the loud voice of unhappy passengers.

To be able to do this travel companies need to gain deeper understanding as to what these expectations are and how they are constantly changing.  Insight on who is travelling on a particular route, where are they going and why is crucial.  If you are able to identify your passengers’ actions you can tailor services specifically to them.

Mobile data analytics can give access to this in depth information. Such as the volume of passengers on a particular route, the specific demographics they fall under and their pre and post journey connections. This can help identify potential problems before they happen, such as poor transport links to and from a particular station. It can also provide transport providers with improved customer segmentation and targeting of communications based on real customer actions.

Smart Steps is O2’s analytics platform that can provide anonymised actionable intelligence so that businesses can get closer to meeting customer expectations. For passenger services these insights provide the insights to quantify the market and make informed decisions for their business and passengers.

It’s something we’re already using with our customers. For East Coast Smart Steps meant they could understand where their customers – and potential customers – begin and end their journeys. They now understand their competition better and can make informed decisions using data and not assumptions.

Read our case study to find out more about how Smart Steps helped East Coast.

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