O2 Business flexes its muscles with Digital Fitness programme.

By Robert Gibson-Bolton mobility expert at Telefónica UK.

With more and more people embracing tablets in their personal lives, O2 wanted to understand the business benefits of a fully managed tablet solution. The Digital Fitness tablet programme lead by my team aimed to take our Enterprise staff on a digital journey with a fully managed tablet solution and a whole host of apps to unlock their potential. Here are a few learning’s I’ve gathered along the way…

One size doesn’t fit all

It’s important to understand that different roles have different requirements from the tools they use. When designing the tablet rollout my team knew that matching the right people to the right device was crucial. Using our own Smarter Working approach, we were able to profile the roles that best compliment the features on the device itself. Mobile working roles proved a perfect match, with their need for instant, seamless access to content and contacts anywhere, anytime complimenting the tablet’s strengths perfectly.

More than just a device

Providing the device is just the start. Don’t underestimate the logistics, security and connectivity requirements.  Thanks to our managed mobility consultants we were able to ensure that each device was safe, secure and connected wherever users went. Once delivered and secured, we were also able to provide a host of applications through our Mobile Device Management solution. Applications that provide access to all the information and systems they would expect in the office. Using Box, users could easily access and edit files anywhere through the cloud, reducing the reliance on laptops and traditional IT.

The proof is in the pudding

Tapping into our social tools allowed us to redefine the support model through community support. Using Yammer as our main support forum and user feedback through Surveymonkey, we were able to paint a clear picture of how the tablets changed the way our Sales and mobile teams worked.

The results speak for themselves, showing:

  • 60% were using their tablet to provide the latest information to customers face to face.
  • 40% said their tablet was their preferred device for work
  • 80% had received positive engagement from customers while using the tablet and 30% of those found the tablet helped progress the sales conversation.
  • 75% said they were able to respond faster and better to customer enquiries.

Whilst it’s probably too early to say the tablet can replace the laptop for everyone, the results show that with the right setup it can prove an invaluable tool. Andy Roberts, Head of O2 Enterprise Mobility explains “People often have better IT at home than they do in the workplace. Good IT empowers people and improves productivity. We’ve shown that a well-planned, well-managed rollout presents a huge advantage to business, our people and our customers.”

To view the case study in full view our website here. If you want to know how O2 Enterprise Mobility can shape your mobile working needs or want to hear more about what’s happening next you can contact the team at enterprisemobility@o2.com.