NSARDA on Sky News

Last month, we joined our volunteer partner the National Search and Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA) and the Sky News Swipe team in Kent, to help demonstrate how drones can be used to find missing persons.  During this mock search and rescue scenario, NSARDA demonstrated how drones are able to help Search and Rescue teams cover large areas of land. Ultimately enabling teams to locate and help a missing person quickly and safely.

Speaking to Sky News at the mock rescue mission to save a local missing person, James Dunn, NSARDA Kent chairman, said the drone would give them a view of the challenges they could face in a search area.  “It allows us to search these open fields very quickly.  We take the high-resolution video … we look at that and then we’ll be able to make some really good intelligent decisions over how we use our resources to bring this guy home.

Having worked closely with NSARDA, we’re committed to supporting the technology needs of our volunteer partner.  Which is why we’re proud to have donated a drone to NSARDA, equipping them with the right technology to respond to emergency situations.  To find out more about the search and rescue scenario, watch the Sky News Swipe programme here:

And read the news story: http://news.sky.com/story/1480132/swipe-drones-to-help-search-and-rescue-dog-team.

O2 is proud to support NSARDA with their essential technology needs. With NSARDA, opening up the possibilities of technology isn’t just important; it really can make the difference between life and death.

Watch a short film about the amazing work of NSARDA here: