DooWappMe - Music in the Message

Calling all Music fans

Ever thought a lyric would be a better way of answering a question your mate just text you, but see it typed out and thought… “Boring… I kinda wanted to hear Stevie Wonder serenade my BFF with ‘Isn’t She Lovely’” well now we can do that for you…

With DooWapp !

DooWapp is a music messaging service that on its own can compete with the best messaging apps out there!   In fact it’s probably better. Adding pictures is a thing of the past, song lyrics are the way to make people understand your message!  it connects you to your streaming service and lets you listen through the app… There’s a lot to love about this app!

Here’s the bit about the founders and how this innovative new app came to life…

DooWapp was founded by three close friends, three family members actually, two brothers and one cousin. They grew up just like the Jackson 5 touring the world and just absolutely loving music. OK so only the latter is true. Yaw Asamani, CEO and founder, is a “former” MC/Lyricist who is always ready to battle or freestyle at the drop of a dime (or mic). He left the underground rap scene to work with Labels and the Legendary Deal Real records learning the music business inside out. Yaw came up with the concept for DooWapp after realising all he did was talk in song quotes.

“Why isn’t there an App that does this???”

(OK we realise that isn’t a song lyric… but you get the idea)

George Asampong (CTO & Co-Founder) has always been on the keys, not quite Beethoven but you wouldn’t question his ability if you heard him. He’s also the coder! He can turn music into code, and code into music! That’s a skill right there… This hasn’t been easy, George is a prime cut from UCL and has 10 years’ experience in leading tech teams, building financial applications and software.

Finally the crooner, George Asamani (CFO and Co-Founder) knows strategy and numbers, and he would sing them to you if need be. LBS alumni and Investment Banking background with a passion for singing, so in theory all this should work… That’s where you guys come in!

Here’s what we want you to do, this app is brand-spanking-new, and there’s nothing quite like it around, and we want to make it the best app we can… We want your feedback! All you need to do is download the app, register for the O2 Community here , we’ll be setting up a special area so your feedback gets sent directly to our app developers to make your improvements happen.

We want you to BETA test this amazing new app and see what you think we can do to improve it! Love music and use messaging apps every day? Give DooWapp a try before it’s launched and takes the world on… Soon everyone will be able to DooWapp, don’t you want to be able to say “I was DooWapping before it was cool!”?