BlackBerry migration or upgrade: what you need to consider

By Robert Stirling: Enterprise Mobility Consultant, Telefónica UK

I know how annoying it can be when you need to change the device you are using. While upgrading to the latest and greatest tech can be quite exciting, you still have the hassle of transferring your data and getting used to a new and perhaps unfamiliar phone. With support ending for various BlackBerry platforms and the BB7 operating system becoming obsolete, some organisations are currently facing this situation head on for hundreds of their employees. Do they upgrade to the latest model or migrate to a new device or platform altogether? O2’s mobile specialists are here to help with the decision.

So first – what exactly is happening? Well the BB7 operating system has reached end of life and no BB7 devices have been manufactured since the beginning of 2015.  As a result, a small amount of stock is available and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Plus, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5 is now end of life, so there will be no further updates on security and functionality and the old style BES5 perpetual licences cannot be bought anymore either. However, Annual BES12 Licences are backwards compatible with the last maintenance release of BES5.

It can be tempting to bury your head in the sand, but if organisations ignore this development, soon they will be unable to source new devices if they need replacements, fully protect their warranties or install necessary updates to keep their devices secure. Ultimately, this leaves a number of options for organisations affected – either upgrade to BES12 to keep existing BB7 devices and allow users to migrate to new cross platform devices (BB10, iOS, Android & WP 8.1), or migrate away from BlackBerry completely.

An O2 BlackBerry Options Consultancy workshop can help with this decision by reviewing key considerations;

  1. Exploring areas of compliance the organisation needs to adhere to to ensure any replacement platform accommodates these
  2. Analysing what employees need from their devices and how, why and when they use them
  3. Discussing infrastructure requirements and the benefits of Cloud vs Hosted vs Fully Managed Services

Whether the final decision is migration or upgrade, O2 will develop a bespoke plan around the specific requirements of your business, help you update your device usage policy and plan thoroughly to ensure a smooth roll out. Changing or upgrading devices needn’t be a hassle, and we can help simplify the process.

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