#BloodBikeDay - Jerry Trowbridge | Blood Biker

I work for Northumbrian Water as a SCADA & Telemetry Team Leader.  I’m responsible for the automation and control of the Water & Waste Water systems in the North East.  My roles involves office and site work and believe it or not, it’s very interesting.  Next time you flush you toilet – think of me!

When did you become a Blood Biker?
In September 2013 I saw a news article on TV about the group and thought ‘I can do that’.  Initially I joined as a fund raising member as I didn’t have my advanced riding qualification but I was encouraged to ‘go for it’.  I joined Durham Advanced Motorcyclists and attained my advanced qualification.  I knew I could make a difference but it only became apparent how much once I was on shift.

Is it difficult to juggle your day job with volunteering?
Everyone in the group has differing amounts of time they can give.  I’m humbled by the commitment given by our members.  My day job has a 24 hour responsibility and at times this can be difficult.

I’m lucky that Northumbrian Water is very ethical and encourages their people to give time to good causes in the local community and I’ve used this to attend fundraisers and awareness visits during the working day.   Everyone in the group gives what they can.

What do your friends and family think about your volunteer role?
Most of my friends think it’s a great cause to be involved in and look forward to the Social Media updates.  My wife sometimes worries that a long shift in challenging weather is risky, but I know deep down she understands the importance of my commitment.

What’s the best thing about joining the Blood Bikes?
It’s being a part of a greater good.  Our group has some amazing members with a common cause to really make a difference.

Tell us about your very first run for the Blood Bikers?
My first run was the ‘Cumbrian Run’ which involved meeting a member of the Cumbrian Blood Bikers on the Northumbrian/ Cumbrian boarder to transport samples to the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Wansbeck hospitals.  While I was at Wansbeck I picked up another job to North Tyneside.  The temperature was touching zero and it was very windy, but I loved every minute.

If you could tell us one thing about the Blood Bikers, what would it be?
Our members are incredible.

Could you be a volunteer Blood Biker? https://do-it.org/#/opportunities/b1bd072a-6876-4439-b4ac-69b498abe042