O2's Rose Army - England's most passionate rugby fans

It’s a fact that in top-level sport, the power of support can be the difference between victory and despair. This year, you can be that difference. Your support makes England bigger and stronger than ever before.

We’ve set out to rally support for England and scoured the nation to find 100 of the biggest rugby fans and form O2’s Rose Army. They are proud to Wear the Rose and inspire the country to get behind the England Rugby and Make them Giants. 

Over the next few months we’ll be following their lives and showing everyone how they get up for England in this very important year of rugby. They will call on their friends and family to assist with the challenges via social media, inspire the rest of England to Wear the Rose, and to Make them Giants.

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Just like the Rose Army, you can be apart of history too. So show it. Wear it. Share it. #WearTheRose. Make them giants.

Find out more about the #WearTheRose movement at http://www.o2.co.uk/weartherose