#WearTheRose with Joe Launchbury

At just 24, Devon-born Wasps lock Joe Launchbury already has 22 England caps, with many more sure to follow. He took time out from his England schedule to answer some of our all-important questions…

Devon or Cornwall?

I’m from Devon, so it’s an easy question. Cornwall is good for a holiday, but Devon is definitely the place to live, especially with cities like Exeter. I was there at the weekend actually. My mum’s family is still down there, and it’s always good just catch up with everyone in and around Exeter.

Cream teas – cream or 
jam on top? 

Jam on top, every time.


Final meal?

Tough one, but probably fish and chips, which is a bit boring I know, but they do amazing fish and chips in Norfolk, where my partner is from.

Planes, trains or automobiles?

Planes. One of my favourite trips was a school rugby tour to Australia, it was a long old flight, but it was a pretty special place to be once we got there. I’ve not been back since, but hopefully I’ll make the England tour next summer.

Culture Club or Stereophonics?

Stereophonics. Why? Well, 
I’ve never heard of the first one!

Forwards or backs? 

Forwards. People complain about being a forward, but it’s definitely the role for me. I do occasionally get jealous when they’re just practising kicking 
and we’re doing mauling or scrummaging.

Animal sidekick – monkey 
or lion? 

Monkey… I’m thinking the monkey from The Hangover. I guess they could both work though; they’d just have separate jobs.

Would you rather fight 
100 duck-sized horses or one horse‑sized duck? 

One horse-sized duck. I don’t fancy facing all those small snarling little horses, it’d be pretty terrifying. How could you keep an eye on 100 duck-sized horses?

Five minutes late or five minutes early?

Has to be early, I never want to be late. We have a fine system for that kind of things in rugby.

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