#WearTheRose with Ben Youngs

England scrum-half Ben Youngs on being the favourite child and roast beef…

Who’s the favourite son, you or Tom (his brother and England team-mate)?

Definitely me, Tom’s accepted that by now. I used to get in more trouble than him, but I always go away with it. I’m the favourite with both mum and dad too.

Grand Slams for the rest of your career, or one world title?

Well we’ve been trying to get a Grand Slam for quite a while now, so let’s go for world champions – I’d definitely take that.

Forwards or backs? 

I’ll say forwards, I admire them for being willing to do what they want to do, and also wanting to do what they do. Cockers (Richard Cockerill, his Leicester coach) once got so annoyed with the backs for not using the ball properly that he made us do some mauling just to show us how hard they were working to get us the ball. It was brutal, I certainly appreciate the ball more now.

Your last meal?

At my mum and dad’s for roast beef.

What would you save in a fire your premiership medal or your wedding album?

Well, the wedding album hasn’t arrived yet, and to be honest there’s always going to be copies of the photos somewhere these days, isn’t there? So I’d say medals it’s the medals I’d be looking for.

Planes, trains or automobiles?

Planes, you can go further afield. And I don’t actually mind going long distance, we travel far for the summer tours, and you get to watch couple of films, chill out, it’s good. Las Vegas I guess was probably one of my best trips for stag do – and no I’m not going to give any details, but it was good!

One album on repeat forever?

Probably Mumford and Sons, the first one. I don’t play an instrument, sing or anything, but I do appreciate a good band or musician. Before games there is always music blaring in the changing rooms, I don’t know how to describe what kind it is – just loud with a lot going on really. I like things to be calm and ordered so I can run the lines I need to run, so there’s no point listening to heavy music. I’ll leave the forwards to listen to the listen to the mad stuff and fly into each other. Haskell backs himself as a DJ, he does it in his room when we’re away sometimes. I’ve not listen to any of his sets, and not intending to either, but I’m sure he’s good – at least that’s what he’ll tell you.

Golf or kung fu?

Kung fu, I used to take karate as a kid, although have to be honest I didn’t last long, but it was fun while it lasted.

London Eye or London Dungeon?

London Dungeon. I’ve only been as a kid, but I want to go back. In fact, when I finish this I’m going to see if Geoff Parling wants to go, he’d be keen for it too.

Jungle survival grubs or cockroaches?

Grubs, I reckon, yeah they’d be easier to eat, slimier so they’d go down quick.

You’re an animal for a day, which one?

Got to be a lion, just to go for a hunt and see what it’s like. And I’d be king, so I could lord it up, just lay wherever I fancy and all the other animals would just be running scared.