Win a day to remember with #iPhone6sOnO2

We’re taking five lucky people to collect their pre-ordered iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus in a way they’ll never forget. If you’ve pre-ordered, it only takes one tweet to win.

We like our customers to feel special. Valued. Loved.

It’s why, in 2007, we pulled out all the stops to be the only network in the UK to offer its customers a revolutionary new phone that would change the mobile world. And it’s why we’re offering five lucky winners the chance to collect their pre-order of the ninth generation of that revolutionary phone – the iPhone 6s – in a day they’ll always remember.

On Friday 25 September 2015, our winners will wake up in a top London hotel, excited and ready for a day packed with experiences that will blow their minds. There’ll be no queues. No worrying if there’ll be enough to go around. There will, however, be an executive car and chauffer waiting outside their hotel.

If you’re one of our fortunate five, you and your guest will be whisked away to an O2 store where once inside, you’ll be among the first people in the UK to touch your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. O2 Gurus will be on hand to provide an iPhone masterclass and show you all the new features of your latest upgrade.

From there, we’ll take you for a visit to our Priority partner, Hotel Chocolat, for an adventure in fine cuisine and chocolate tasting. You’ll even get to try your hand at making your own chocolate creation, which you can photograph on your new iPhone and share with your friends, obvs. Once you’re done getting all creative, you’ll leave with a goodie bag to take away.

It’s probably best not to dip into your Hotel Chocolat goodie bag straight away, though – as we’ll be taking you for a lunch that you certainly won’t want to ruin. We’ll be taking you for an O2 Priority £1 lunch with a twist. To celebrate your upgrade, we’ll upgrade you to an O2 Priority Michelin-starred £1 lunch. You’ll enjoy a three-course private dining experience at Jason Atherton’s acclaimed Pollen Street Social bistro.

In the afternoon we’ll take you to new heights – literally – as you board an executive helicopter for a tour of the skies over London. From your leather seats in the sky, you’ll enjoy a different view of the capital’s landmarks including The O2 which, ironically, is where you’ll spend your evening…

To round off your amazing day, you’ll get the full VIP experience at The O2, where you’ll take in a sell-out performance from one of the world’s most popular acts. After the show, you can retire to your hotel room, relax, and relive the day through the photos on your stunning new iPhone.

OMG how do I win?!

What hoops do you need to jump through to win this incredible day out? Well, none really. All you need to do is pre-order your iPhone 6s, then tweet us using the hashtag #iPhone6sOnO2. We’ll pick a winner and get in touch before Sunday 20 September. But get in there quick you’ve only got until Saturday 20th September 10am to enter.

If you don’t end up being one of our lucky five, don’t worry – you can still have yourself a great day. You can pre-order your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus on O2 Refresh HERE, and get access to some exclusive deals and prize draws by downloading the O2 Priority app HERE.

Small print. Every competition has some and this one’s no exception. You’ll need to be available to come to London by 7pm Thursday 24th September and make sure you’re free until late on the Saturday morning, because we’ll be keeping you busy. Don’t worry we’ll pay for all your accommodation and travel for both nights. You must have pre-ordered your iPhone direct with O2. Also, filming will be taking place so if you’re camera shy this might not be the experience for you. There are a couple more terms and stipulations, so if you want to be fully up to speed, take a look here: HERE. Go ahead. We won’t judge you.