Data Saving - Top Tips

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting a top up of data each month, only to see it disappear within days, or sometimes hours. We’ve looked at all the daily data eaters and come up with some suggestions around how to look after that precious mobile data of yours.

Auto-play videos on social media platforms
Videos playing automatically when scrolling through the latest posts on social media? Not connected to wifi?

Browsing Facebook or YouTube for one minute uses an estimated 1.8MB of data. That will be a lot higher if videos are playing automatically while you check out what your friends are up to and do a bit of creeping. You can stop this happening by switching auto-play to ‘wifi only’ in the app settings on your device.

Close down apps running in the background
One of the most common causes of data usage can be those pesky apps that are open in the background, far away from sight, eating away at your precious data.

A common way of ensuring that these apps are fully closed down is to double click the home button and swipe the app away. For full details on how to completely close down open apps, refer to your device manual.

Automatic app updates
Most new devices have the ability to automatically update any apps that you may install (e.g. Facebook, Instagram etc.) when you’re connected to wifi. Then there are also some devices that will do this when it’s not connected to wifi, which will use up more of your data. To make sure this doesn’t happen, check if the option is available to update on wifi only or select to update the apps manually.

Location services
Use maps on a regular basis? Like to check in on social media so friends and family know where you are? This is where location services come in.

Did you know that once you’ve finished using the maps, the location services could still be active? You can always stop the service or it will continue to exhaust your data without you even knowing.

Do your emails come through automatically as they’re sent to you? Even the ones you don’t want? This means your email push notification settings are switched on. Your phone will be checking for emails and if you’re not on wifi, this will use your mobile data.

Why not set your emails to manually retrieve? This means they’ll come through as you open up the email app.

Music streams/online radio
With the rise of Spotify and online radio stations comes a new way of drying up that data limit. It can be tempting to take advantage of these new platforms while on the move. TuneIn radio app commonly streams audio at up to 192kbps, which is potentially a whopping 90MB per hour.

Turning off mobile data when you’re connected to wifi
Are you always connected to wifi but your data is still disappearing? This can happen even with the best wifi signal.

Your phone is constantly searching for and will connect to the strongest signal, whether it’s wifi or mobile data. Your phone can switch between the two without you realising.

If you want to only use wifi, switch off mobile data.

Using O2 Wifi
Fast internet, that’s free and safe and in some of the most popular coffee shops and food outlets around. It’s O2 Wifi and we have hotspots all around the UK. You’ll connect automatically whenever you’re near one of our hotspots and it won’t eat away any of your mobile data. Once you’ve signed up, that’s it.

If you want more, why not try out O2 Wifi Extra. This is a new and seamless wifi service for O2 customers, which will work with most mobile devices with an O2 sim card. O2 Wifi Extra removes the registration process, meaning anyone who is an O2 customer will connect automatically to our hotspots.

To find your nearest one take a look at our O2 Wifi hotspot finder.

Getting extra data
If you run out of mobile data, your allowance will reset on your next bill date. Can’t wait that long and need more data now? You have two options:

  • Speak to us about the possibility of increasing your monthly data allowance as part of a tariff review
  • Add a one-off data Bolt On to see you through until your next bill date.

Final thought, here’s everything you need to know about data on our O2 Guru YouTube channel – and come have a chat with us on our social channels if you need any further assistance.