CallOnCOP21 at One Young World 2015 Bangkok

I am Ronan Dunne the CEO of Telefónica UK and a Counsellor at One Young World (OYW). I would like to call on the G20 to work together within COP21 to take action to deliver the long term consistent sustainability policies we need. We need concerted efforts now to drive forward a more sustainable economy in an inclusive, beneficial and meaningful way. It is crucial that governments build the clean future that the 1300 young people that representing 196 countries from across the globe here at OYW believe in, need and want delivered.

Climate change remains a critical issue for citizens, businesses and governments. This issue won’t cure itself so we all have a role to play in moving things. Telefonica recognizes that and have embraced change and placed it at the heart of our business. We firmly believe that social and environmental sustainability are essential to ensure the financial sustainability of our business as it fosters economic growth and job creation. This is not just a view Telefonica holds but a view shared with the majority of our stakeholders be they customers, public administrations and or citizens. So we have taken action and incorporated sustainability objectives into our business strategy. A couple of examples are:

  • Telefónica carried out 250 energy efficiency projects between 2010 and 2015, saving around 465GWh of energy, equivalent of 47,000 homes a year, with a value of 55 million euros in annual electricity costs
  • Promoted the use of renewable energy, which currently represents 15% of our global energy consumption and in some countries significantly more such as the UK and Germany where we use 100% renewable energy

From a commercial perspective we continue to strengthen our service provision so that companies and cities can improve their energy efficiency and their impact on the environment.

  • Two thirds of current abatement comes from the use of machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies in the buildings, transport and energy sectors.
  • One fifth of current abatement comes from use of smartphones to enable behavioural changes in lifestyles and working patterns
  • Won the UK government Smart Energy project which promises energy savings for millions of UK households

As a result Telefónica has made the “Climate A List” of leading companies for its strategy, transparent management and initiatives in response to climate change, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the last two years. So this is not a nice to have but a key part of our future. In that context Telefonica calls on the 2015 Paris Climate Summit to:

  • Define emission targets in accordance with scientific evidence, thus helping to minimise the risks of climate change
  • Foster public-private collaboration, allowing for the financing of the required long term investments. Climate change cannot be solved without stronger commitments, including comprehensive policies which recognize the green economy as a central element of economic growth and prosperity
  • Embrace digital technologies as an essential partner on the challenge of climate change
  • Engage and communicate successes and challenges with the public. A large part of society clearly feels disconnected from these high level discussions, but it is vital that we all realize how we can become part of the solution.

Thank you.