Marketing Interns Make Their Mark

With Christmas fast approaching, and O2’s Christmas campaign in full swing, the rugby world cup may seem an age ago to many of us.

Cast your mind back to 3 months ago, the biggest rugby tournament in English history was about to begin, and O2s “Wear the Rose” campaign was sweeping the nation. At the same time, 10 new interns had recently started in the Marketing & Consumer directorate at O2, who were all keen to make an impact. Cross these two things together and what do you get? Re-Wear the Rose.

Re-Wear the Rose was the brainchild of the M&C interns (with just a little help from Ben Bevins). It was an internal project that gave O2 employees the opportunity to do their bit for charity and win a signed England Rugby shirt if they first donated one or more of their pre-loved rugby shirts!

The rugby shirts were then donated to SOS Kit Aid; a charity that recycles sports kit for the benefit of young people in the UK and overseas. Working alongside the O2 ThinkBig team, the project slowly all came together. Flyers were spread over the many tables and desks in O2 head office, posters hung strategically around all corners of the buildings, and social media posts blasted out to O2 employees to get Re-Wear the Rose on their minds.

During August 2015 O2 rewarded fans with over £3 million worth of Official England Rugby shirts, and set up giant washing lines across England stocked with brand new shirts. This theme was followed in the O2 HQ, except this time staff had to place their shirts on one of the 3 washing lines set up around the office. Over the course of 2 weeks the washing lines slowly filled up, and 30 shirts (22 of which were England Rugby shirts) were collected; kitting out two full rugby teams!

Fast forward to November and SOS Kit Aid were at Bath Road, O2s Head Office meeting the interns, and Tracey Herald; O2’s Head of Community. John Broadfoot, SOS Kit Aid’s CEO, and Tim Douglas, their Berkshire representative, came to the offices to collect the kit and to chat about their HITZ programme, which is where the shirts were going. HITZ is a programme that helps youngsters in inner city areas in the UK, and provides them with rugby kit. SOS Kit Aids charitable work on a global scale was also discussed, and how to continue the great work between O2 and SOS Kit Aid into the future.

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Written by Lara Milligan