Six of the best from CES 2016

CES 2016 is a-go (and of course we introduced O2 Smart Home in partnership with AT&T Digital Life), but what else was at the conference? Here we take a look at the biggest announcements but also some of the weird and wonderful that you might be getting your hands on in the near future.

Diamonds are smartwatch’s best friend
Huawei were on site to show us their fashion focused smartwatches. The company displayed two watches the Jewel and Elegant targeting women who sparkle and shine. The Jewel version features an impressive 68 Swarovski crystals. Classy, right?

No longer just a fitness tracker
Fitbit have announced their new smartwatch the Fitbit Blaze. They still insist the watch will be fitness focussed with on screen workouts; and boasting 5 day battery life you’ll be able to track your activity and sleep for much longer. It comes with all the other capabilities you’d expect from a smartwatch too; calls, texts, calendar invites and music control.

I do… want to wear a smart ring
From smart wristwear to smartrings. Firstly, the Oura ring, which is a health and activity tracker; said to be more accurate in tracking your sleep quality than wristbands while also providing advice on how to rest better. The Okto smartring however, takes a communication route and if used with a smartwatch, can take calls by cupping your hand over your ear. Will we see smart earrings next year? Smart belly-button piercing anyone?… Too far maybe.

Avoid the aisles of the supermarket
Having been announced as one of the partners with O2 Smart Home; Samsung were at CES 2016 to introduce their new Smart Fridge the Family Hub. Sporting a 21.5 inch screen and internet connection, the fridge allows you to view recipes, cooking apps, monitor the fridge’s content, temperature and can play music for those that like a sing when cooking.

Fridges now have cameras too, so you can check the contents whilst shopping and never forget the milk again. But why stop there? With an internet connection why not let your fridge order your food shop for you when it knows what groceries you’re out of.

What drives a driverless car?
As we see more apps released that measure how we drive, much like the O2 Drive app, NVidia demonstrated its Drive PX2 supercomputer built for driverless cars. The company said it had the power of 150 MacBook Pros, processing 24 trillion operations a second. NVidia said the power of the computer allows a car to learn, essential to them being able to deal with unexpected situations.

Virtual Reality from HTC Vive Pre
Virtual Reality is now more of a reality thanks to HTC Vive and at CES 2016 they announced their 2nd Generation of the device HTC Vive Pre which now features a camera on the front. So if you want to see the real world you don’t even have to take the headset off.

Along with these, CES 2016 gave us personal robots, cocktail making machines, fully flexible TV screens, fitness trackers for your dogs (we like this one), drones that automatically follow you and much much more. CES, you never disappoint.

Let us know your highlights from this year’s conference or what you want to see next year.

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