Winner! O2 wins IT Transformation of the Year at Women in IT Awards

Name: Jennifer Rigby Role: Head of IT Channels and Innovation Award: Transformation of the Year

Name: Jennifer Rigby
Role: Head of IT Channels and Innovation
Award: Transformation of the Year

With only 20% of tech roles filled by women, at O2 we’ve been working hard to champion female role models in the sector. A stand out example for us is Jennifer Rigby, Head of IT Channels and Innovation at O2. She won the IT Transformation of the Year Award at the Women in IT Awards last week due to her role leading the technology components of a customer experience transformation programme called Trinity.

Trinity is a large programme spanning many different teams in O2 and many different activities all with the aim of driving profitable direct sales and further improved self service capabilities through the multichannel customer experience and creating the foundations for future flexibility.

Stating the presence of women within the IT industry as ‘hugely important’, Jennifer recognises that technology requires a diverse set of skills, including: analysis, coding, creativity, leadership and organisation. Because of this, Jennifer believes it is important for any team to have a broad range of people with women bringing as much to the table as men in IT, explaining diversity and increasing the digital skills in the workforce is important to the productivity of the country in the future.

With Telefónica UK (O2) up for two awards including e-Skills Initiative of the Year and IT Transformation of the Year, the night was already considered a success with our incredible IT team being recognised for their hard work. With judges which included the CIO of Halfords Ltd, Network Rail and Transport for London, Jennifer described the event as inspiring and a great opportunity to meet some of her role models.

From librarian to Head of IT Channels and Innovation, Jennifer Rigby’s story is certainly fascinating and inspiring to all girls looking to pursue a career within IT.

Early career and the journey to Head of IT Channels and Innovation

Having always believed the paradigm ‘knowledge is power’, Jennifer had a passion for the process in seeking out information and using it to help people get answers and understand things better. This passion lead to Jennifer beginning her career as a librarian. With a focus on research and innovation, recognising the potential which technology could have on this, Jennifer took a technical pathway as part of her degree in Information and Library Studies.

Following graduation Jennifer worked as a multimedia librarian at the BBC. Then, as the BBC started to digitalise their archive, she began to work on this project due to her background in technology, she progressed into working on the BBC’s website, doing a variety of roles including search, content management and ultimately being Executive Producer of the BAFTA winning Creative Archive.

Following this, Jennifer held several senior IT roles in the public sector, working for The National Archives, Home Office and Department of Energy and Climate Change before moving to Telefónica UK (O2) in 2014. She recognised the opportunity to be part of the progression of O2 as a leading digital telco, joining as its Head of IT Channels and Innovation.

Winning Transformation of the Year Award

Describing attending the awards as an honour due to being able to meet the other women who were there to win the award, Jennifer strongly believes events like these are extremely important to encourage other women in pursuing a career within the IT industry.

Image Today 22_27_51Another highlight for Jennifer was that Brendan O’Rourke, CIO at Telefónica UK, sponsored the awards with his leadership team having a 70/30 gender split in favour of women.

Attending the awards with Jennifer were other female leaders within IT at O2 and an IT Talentee. Being able to share the event with a number of women across IT in O2, and showing them their work is not just industry leading, but cross industry leading was another proud moment for Jennifer as their hard work was being recognised.

Winning the award due to the Trinity programme, seeing the collaboration between the IT and other departments, especially sales and service recognised at the awards, was also another memorable moment of the awards. Winning IT Transformation of the Year shows the contribution of IT, and builds on, the success of O2 winning Website of the Year in 2014 and 2015.

While there is undoubtedly work to do to get more young women into tech, Jennifer’s career so far demonstrates the diversity and opportunity available in this area.

Congratulations to Jennifer for bringing home the gong, and representing O2 so well at such a high level.

The IT Transformation of the Year Award- “This award goes to a UK organisation that has undergone a major, and successful, IT transformation in the past 18 months, in which a woman has played an integral part. The judges assessed innovation, best practice, alignment to business goals, impact on the business and ROI achieved.”