999 location boost now on more phones

Hello, I’m Helen McKerrow and I’m in O2’s Devices team. Part of my job is to make sure the phones O2 sells are ready for our customers and do everything they’d expect them to and add value to every day actions. One important part of this which I’m very passionate about is a feature called AML, or Advanced Mobile Location.

If you read my colleague Richard’s post in April you’ll already know about AML, but don’t worry if you didn’t. AML is very simple and you’ll hopefully never need it but you’ll be glad you’ve got it if the worst happens. Call 999 from a phone with AML enabled and your mobile will automatically send its exact location to the emergency services, helping them locate you in a hurry. Instead of emergency services just receiving co-ordinates of the cell site you’re using or you needing to know exactly where you are – an area up to 20km – your mobile will either use its GPS or Wi-Fi to help pinpoint you straight away.

Back in April we launched AML on O2 with HTC but since then we’ve been working really hard to bring the technology to a much wider range of phones – AML doesn’t require any extra components inside the phone and can be enabled easily by handset manufacturers. I’m pleased to say that since then we’ve worked with a wide range of manufacturers and AML is now switched on in phones made by Sony, Alcatel and Samsung as well as our original partner HTC. We’re working with the other manufacturers to enable this in their phones and hope to have Huawei and LG phones supporting AML in the very near future.

The list of phones that provide this crucial bit of information continues to grow and we are working to remain at the forefront of this initiative. While I hope you and your phone will never use AML, I’m proud that it’ll be installed on more phones than ever if you need it.