More iTunes for your money

Whether you’re singing your heart out at a gig or into your hair brush at home, music is a way of life. And we want you to get as close as you can to the music you love, which is why we’ve got nearly thirty O2 Academies across the UK and first dibs on tickets with Priority.

But we want you to enjoy even more music, and that’s why we are happy to announce a new iTunes subscription service.

iTunes bonus for O2 customers

From 6th April, you’ll be able to sign up for an iTunes Code subscription with O2 and get from £10 to £30 every month. We’ll add the cost to your monthly bill or take it from your Pay & Go credit. And as an extra bonus you will receive the 4th Month of your iTunes subscription for free.

If you cancel the subscription before the fourth month and subscribe again or cancel after the fourth month and re-subscribe then you won’t be able to get your fourth month free.

Terms and Conditions Apply.