#O2Guru get fit tech tips

So, you set yourself a New Year’s resolution to get fit, but one thing led to another and you’re yet to start. In fact, you could even be reading this while waiting for a takeaway to arrive. It’s never too late though. Check out my guide and you’ll be on the run in no time.

First, you’re going to need an app to track your progress. If you’re new to running, Couch to 5K is where you should start. For 30 minutes a day, three days a week and over nine weeks, you’ll go from a complete beginner to being prepared to run a 5km race. It’ll map your routes, you’ll get audio cues to guide you through and if you prefer not to be on the streets, you can put information in yourself to run at home or at the gym.

If you’re a bit more experienced, Strava’s worth checking out. Compatible with most GPS running watches and activity trackers, it’ll log key stats like distance, pace, elevation gained and calories burned. Its social side lets you compete with friends on an interactive map, and you can post photos to show off the best moments too.

Next, you’re going to need some tech to keep track of you while you go – like the Fitbit Charge HR. It’ll track how many steps you’ve taken, how many stairs you’ve climbed, calories burned and more while synced to your phone wirelessly. You can compete with friends through the app too, setting goals and earning badges along the way. It doesn’t stop at night either. The Charge HR will track how well you’ve slept and will vibrate on your wrist to wake you up at the right time.

Now we’ve got those sorted, you’re going to need some tunes – and Spotify’s got you covered. With its built in ‘running’ feature just pick a playlist and it’ll play music to match your pace. There’s a selection of pre-set playlists, or you could go with my personal favourite – Recommended For You. As you use the app, it learns the music you like and curates a playlist of music just for you, great for discovering new songs and artists.

Good luck. And if you need any advice, pop in to see an O2 Guru, or tweet @O2 with #O2Guru.