Festival this summer? Here are our top apps & gadgets to see you through.

Our O2 Guru Andrew Teasdale has explored his top apps and gadgets that will help get the most out of your upcoming festivals this summer. 

First up is a weather app called Dark Sky. The thing that sets this app apart from others is a feature they call ‘hyperlocal weather information’. By using state-of-the-art technology it will predict when it will rain or snow down to the minute, at your exact location. So for up to 60 minutes in advance you will see exactly when you’ll need that rain poncho.

You won’t want to lose your mates while you’re out and about and with the size of the crowds that could be quite easy. However Glympse could be a good way of keeping track of everyone. Share your location for up to 4 hours at a time and when sending your location, others don’t even need the app to view where you are.

Your mates won’t be the only things you don’t want to lose, what about your valuables? It could be worth having a look at Tile. Tile is a small Bluetooth tracker that you can attach, stick or place anywhere you want to keep track of something. Could be on your keys, inside your wallet or attached to your luggage. Once paired via Bluetooth to your phone, if you happen to misplace something, you can make the tile ring as long as it’s within 100 feet of your phone. If you aren’t that close you can view its last known location on a map and if anyone else who has the Tile app comes within range of it, it’ll let you know where it is.

To ensure your money is as safe as possible, it might be worth leaving your debit card at home and sticking to Revolut. Primarily an app to send and spend money abroad, so if you are going to another country you get great exchange rates and 0% conversion charge for using it, however it will work just as well in the UK! First of all, set up your account and request the free debit card through the app. You can then load it with a sum of money and should it get lost, you can lock it from your mobile phone using the app. There are a host of other security features you can toggle within the app such as disabling payments with the magnetic strip, online payments, cash machine withdrawals, and you can even activate location based security to stop payments being made too far away from your phone. If you use all the money on the card, you can add extra money on securely and if your mates need to borrow some you can send it to them. Ensure the festival you are going to will accept debit cards mind, and a bit of spare cash wouldn’t hurt either!

You might fancy your chances at meeting someone new while you’re there, and you know, being in a muddy field could be the first thing in common you’ll have! Firstly, you have Tinder. Swipe right if you like them, swipe left if you don’t. If you both like each other, you ‘match’ and you can talk to each other. Another app you could try is Happn. Using GPS, it tells you when you have crossed paths with someone and how often if you regularly pass the same area. In a similar fashion to Tinder, if you ‘like’ each other you can then send a message.

Whether you’re a veteran of festivals or if it’s your first time, there may be a few things other than the norm you might want to consider taking with you. To make sure all your gadgets stay fully charged I’d recommend a portable charger that’s at least 8,000mAh, like the Juice Weekender to get you through a couple of days.

Whatever you think of selfie sticks it would be worth considering taking one too, you can get some great angles for photos and it saves you handing your phone to a stranger to get a group shot of you and your mates! The Kitvision Wired Selfie stick will work with most phones and is easy to set up.

Finally, since your weekend is all about music, don’t forget a Bluetooth speaker like the Veho Vecto Mini to make sure the party doesn’t stop after the bands do! Its splash resistant and shockproof so it should take anything you can throw at it whilst you’re away.

Most importantly, enjoy your time away. And don’t forget to send us some videos using #O2Guru.

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