This Time, Last Time... The 1975 are at The O2!

This Time, Last Time… The 1975 are at The O2!

THIS TIME the 1975 boys are on an arena tour hitting most of the big cities across the UK including our very own The O2 Arena! Big milestone for anyone… So we’re excited for that!

Extra tickets are on sale Wednesday, so here are the deets for that –

We thought it would be fun to hear what happened LAST TIME our O2 Music Fans saw Matt and the gang live, in our O2 Academy venues, and they did not disappoint us! It sounds like everyone has as much fun at these gigs as the lads do on stage!

First up the boys hit their home town of Manchester and the O2 Apollo… Gemma ‏(@SimpaticoGem) went with as many friends as she could possibly find and managed to balance one of her friends on her shoulders for a whole song – probably to get a better view of Matt Healy’s hair and all of its surrounding glory! Then Shannon tells us she “bumped into” the boys on their way back to the hotel… We’d forgive her for following them.

Tiff (‏@TiffaniB23) managed to get right to the barrier at O2 Academy Bournemouth… We’re yet to see hard evidence but mentioned having Matt touch her hand! We haven’t questioned whether she has washed it since… We wouldn’t!

Rob ‏(@OfficialRobW) rang his girlfriend to let her have a listen over the phone (Top boyfriend points… Better if you’d got her a ticket though, just saying) but ended up ringing his Grandma, as you can imagine she wasn’t best pleased… Ruined Corrie for her!

Then Jacqueline (‏@ohhjacqui ) hit our O2 Academy Glasgow venue with her daughter… Who abandoned her after the first song because she was enjoying it that much…

But our favourite story comes from Lucky (by name and by nature apparently…) who was out in Manchester having a right old time, then got asked to have a beverage – probably a red wine – with the band! THAT’S RIGHT! Full on socialising with The 1975 last time they were on tour!

So let’s raise a glass of wine to the 1975 and their fans who’ve followed the through the O2 Academy venues and  got them to The O2!

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