Pokémon Go - Top tips to go catch 'em all!

The exciting world of Pokémon Go has finally hit the UK in a blaze of publicity after taking the U.S. and Australia by storm and naturally we want a piece of the Pokémon action!

There are many challenges for a Pokémon trainer in their quest to becoming a Pokémon master so here are some of our top tips to help you Go catch ‘em all and keep your data and battery usage in check.

Mobile data saving tips

Data usage can vary depending on what you’re doing, how long you’re playing and if the app runs in the background.

  • Wifi – By the very nature of the game you have to be moving around outdoors to locate and catch your Pokémon. By keeping your Wifi switched on you will ensure that wherever there is free wifi available it will lessen the impact on your mobile data usage. All O2 stores have O2 Wifi as well as thousands of other retailers up and down the country – don’t forget to download the O2 Wifi hotspot locator app and you can plan any Pokémon outings to coincide with these locations. You never know there may even be a few cool catches there!
  • Manage automatic app updates – Try turning off any unwanted app updates in your settings by turning off “Wi-Fi Assist” for iPhones and by selecting “update apps automatically only through Wifi” for Androids.
  • Limit data use by other apps – Using the Pokémon Go app alone will help save data, so this can be anything from closing down other apps at the same time as Pokémon Go e.g. browsing Facebook or streaming music to limiting background data usage for other apps. To reduce data usage by other apps on iPhones go to Settings, mobile data and manually turn off any apps you don’t need data for. On Android phones go to “connections” or “wireless connections” to manage this.
  • Restrict background app data – It might sound obvious but ensuring you only use your data when you’re playing on the app can save vital megabytes too. To do this go into your settings and turn off background data usage when the app is not in use or simply close down the app manually.

Battery life

Possibly the biggest threat to a trainer’s ambition in achieving master status is the huge drain this app has on the battery. Here are some great tips:

  • Turn off sounds and alerts – Unless you love them, a great tip for preserving battery life is by muting the sounds and alerts in app. To do this tap the Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen then go to settings at the top right and here you can uncheck “Music”, “Sound Effects” and “Vibration”.
  • Battery Saver mode – Luckily the app contains this very handy feature which can help you make sure your poor battery doesn’t drain instantly. You can do this by following the above steps to access the same menu and tick “Battery Saver”. Once enabled, just turn your phone upside down to enable Battery Saver mode. This will turn your screen black, so it might be a good idea to leave sound effects and/or vibration alerts switched on when using Battery Saver – that way you won’t miss any nearby Pokémon.
  • Download Google maps for offline use – Pokémon Go will use Google Maps while you’re outdoors searching for Pokémon and to help reduce the impact on your battery why not download Google maps for offline use? To do this launch the Google Maps app, select the area you want to download (max 120,000 sq. Km), then tap and clear the search bar, scroll down to the bottom and you will see “Download a new offline area” and simply select “Download”.

Handy tip: You can also double check the signal by using our award winning Live Status Checker to help determine signal strength in the downloaded area.

  • Power packs and charging bars – If all else fails and your quest in becoming a Pokémon master knows no bounds then it may be time to invest in a lightweight portable battery pack. These can be anything from power bars to phone charging cases. With so many different battery packs on offer choosing one may well prove to be a quest in itself, luckily we’ve put together a handy guide to help take away any guesswork so you can pick the right power bank for you.

When you’ve found one you like check out some of the most popular ones on our website and if you’re lucky there may even be an O2 Priority offer every so often.

So there you have it, those are some of our best hints and tips for maximising your game play. For more dedicated players who need to upgrade their data plan why not consider switching to a higher value tariff to ensure you can enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest. Check out your MyO2 app.

If you’d like to know more about child safety and Pokémon Go as a parent, you can find some very useful guide here.