Get the most from your photos in 2017

With our ever more hectic lives, new years seem to creep up on us faster and faster. Birthdays come and go, parties become a blur and with the British weather, and BBQ’s are so rare you question the last time you had one.

Thanks to the technology in our pockets, you can capture every single memory to share and look back on in the years to come. Whether it’s just brightening up a photo, adding a filter or stickers, or going full-on selfie makeover, here’s O2 Guru Lauren’s top 5 apps for how to make the most of every moment you capture this year.

  1. VSCO App Icon VSCO (Free*, App Store and Google Play Store)
    Where can we even begin with VSCO? It’s by far one of the most thorough and easy to use photo editing apps – even though it gives you professional level features and tools. VSCO gives you the option to take or import a photo and then control the temperature, contrast, brightness and more. There are also a range of filters available to further enhance each snap you take, adding more magic to each photo. It’s great for those with basic photo editing knowhow and for enthusiasts alike, who want to go a little bit deeper than face value with their photographs.
  1. Lenka App Icon Lenka (Free, App Store and Google Play Store)
    Black and white photography has always been a favourite of millions of camera enthusiasts, so why not transform your phone into something that can capture photos in that same timeless fashion? Lenka allows the user to play with light and focus to create the image you want, and then share direct to your social networks from within the app. Effortless glam and moody scenes have never been so easy and this really makes Lenka stand out from standard black and white modes you may get ‘built-in’ on your mobile.
  1. Prisma App Icon Prisma (Free, App Store and Google Play Store)
    Prisma is one of the most exciting apps out on the market at the moment. It has never been easier to turn your photos into works of art with a range of fun filters ranging from pop art to mosaic pieces. Prisma lets you take a photo or import one from your library and then play around until you find something that works for you. From there, you can share it with all your friends and let them marvel at your masterpiece. It’s huge fun for everyone and a real crowd pleaser.
  1. Retrica App Icon Retrica (Free, App Store and Google Play Store)
    Retrica is very much like the camera on Instagram but it allows you to apply the filter before you take the picture. The beauty of this is that it lets you see what each filter will look like in real time before even taking it. Now, every photo you take can have that dreamy blue haze on it or bright sunshine creeping from the top even if the reality is as bleak and grey as our British weather. Not only that but you can also collage your photos together to tell a real story.
  1. Sphere App Icon Sphere – 360 Camera (Free, App Store and Google Play Store)
    360° photos have been huge this year and Sphere makes it easy and fun to play with. Using the in app camera, it lets you stitch together your surroundings to create a truly immersive experience from all angles. By using easy to follow instructions on screen, Sphere will guide the user to creating a sweeping panorama or a full dome with fantastic results. It automatically edits imperfections and blur to present the clearest image it can. It’s perfect for capturing family gatherings where there may be a few loved ones missing and you want to share the occasion with everyone. And as an added bonus, its compatible with Facebook’s 360 photo feature and Google’s Street View.*In app purchases available

Time to make some magic

All that’s really left to say about these apps is to have fun with them. Play, create and share your magical photos because it has never been easier to do so. That phone in your pocket or handbag is capable of some amazing things and so are you, so here’s to all those amazing photos and memories you’ll be able to capture in 2017…

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