January is pants… We know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Everyone is eating avocado, drinking peppermint tea and jogging. The thought of jingle bells and pigs in blankets are a distant memory – shelved in your mind palace for another year. There was Sherlock… But that’s been and gone, and the  best you’ve got to look forward to is your summer holiday. In hindsight when you think about the copious amount of mince pies consumed over the festive period, you feel like maybe you’re not really looking forward to it at all…


Fear not… O2 Music is here for you!

Kicking off on the worst day of the year* we’re giving away 4 pairs of tickets to every single one of our O2 Academy venues every day throughout January! We’re here to make January all that much more palatable… Definitely more so than that cabbage soup diet Karen from the office keeps banging on about.


* Disclaimer… Statistically it’s the worst day of the year apparently…  But if it’s your birthday/anniversary/someone has bought you a surprise chocolate muffin, then we’re wrong and we’re sorry!

It’s dead simple to enter the competition… Just answer the questions we pose to you about our venues, the artists that have played there and the amazing cities that they call home… See? Easy! We’ll pick winners at random from all of the correct answers and announce all the winners at the end of the competion. The tickets you win will be for the venue that corresponds with the question.

Now for the wordy bit… There are T&C’s, as always. If you want to have a look through them you are more than welcome to – http://bit.ly/XnVDl3

So what’s stopping you? We’re going to make 2017 the year of Priority Tickets and we’re off to a flying start.