The biggest mobile tech event of the year

Mobile World Congress (aka MWC) is a huge mobile tech event held every February in Barcelona where it showcases the biggest and best mobile tech for the year ahead. Better cameras, sharper displays, longer batteries – it’s all part of it, and the 2017 event is right around the corner.

Last year we sent Chris from our Social Media team to the event to scope it out and he got to spend time with virtual reality tech, a robot playing football, LG’s announcement of the G5 and Samsung’s announcement of the fantastic S7 and S7 edge. This year we’re going back to see what goodies are in store for us all in 2017 and beyond.

Go on, tell me more…

The 'Dot' braille smartwatchThere’s no telling what will be on show at this years MWC and even taking a guess, we’d likely be wrong. Last year we saw a braille smartwatch designed specifically for visually impaired users, we saw smart shoes to track your workouts, and we event got a hands-on with Oral-B’s Bluetooth-connected ‘Genius’ smart toothbrush.

So this year?  Who knows… We could see new battery tech that will last a month on a charge, enough storage for every song you’ve ever listened to, faster brains than Einstein, built-in x-ray scanners or gadgetry that even James Bond could only dream of.

Expect the unexpected, we reckon.

Right, enough… What about new phones?!

The Samsung S7, as first teased by us at least years MWCOur lips are sealed. Seriously though, looking back at previous events, we think it’d be unusual not to see some new hardware announcements. What, exactly, we’re unsure of – but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and we’ll bring you all the juicy gossip as and when we can.

To remind you of some announcements from last years event, we saw the Samsung S7 (and S7 edge), the LG G5, several new phones from Sony, new phones from Huawei, and countless more. 2017 is anybody’s guess!

How do I stay up to date on new tech?

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The Telefonica O2 stand from 2016 MWC