New tech from MWC - Part 1

By now you’ll have seen or heard about some new phone announcements from MWC but just in case you haven’t, we’ve got you covered right here. That’s not what todays blog is about, ohh no… Today we’re bringing you some of the coolest new tech we’ve seen at MWC over the past couple of days – and stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon.

The ‘Superbook’ from Sentio

Sentio is a new start-up at MWC this year who are pitching what they call the ‘Superbook’ and it’s really an Android fan & commuters dream. Think of it as a barebones laptop – it has a screen, a keyboard, touchpad and a metal chassis, but instead of it having all the usual insides of a laptop (memory, storage, processor – all the boring bits that make it work), it uses your phones. Just connect it via a USB cable and within a split second you have what looks and feels like a normal laptop, but because your phone is doing all the work, you have access to all your files and you’ll even get access to tablet/full screen versions of many apps you already have on your phone. When you open ‘Word’ for instance, it looks like the full version you’d get on any normal laptop. It’s a truly fantastic idea for enhancing productivity on the go.

As far as battery goes – we’re told it will last up to around 5 to 8 hours depending on how many apps you’re using and how power hungry they are. If you connect your phone to it while it’s at 100% charge, then your phone will still be at 100% charge whenever the Superbook finally runs out of juice. It’s not openly available yet but Sentio estimate it’ll be ready sometime in the Summer.

ExoLens PRO

Camera lenses for smartphones aren’t new – they’ve been around for a while now and they range vastly in price, quality and features. What caught our eye with the ExoLens though was how you can build a ridiculously powerful ‘camera rig’ with any iPhone 6 & 7 at its heart – sorry, <iPhone 6 & Android users, it’s not compatible with your phone at present.

What makes it different? With the various available accessories, you can add a stable tripod stand, you can use a phone cover instead of a mount, and the lenses are compatible with powerful light rings to give professional level lighting to your subjects. The absolute best bit however is the quality. We were shown a demonstration of the macro lens which is great for extreme close-ups. How extreme? Well… It gets so close-up and gives such clarity that you can see individual fibers in a US dollar note and scratches & imperfections on a coin that you can’t make out with your naked eye. Want to step up your iPhonetography game? This could be your answer.

3D Printed Candy

Ohh yes – this is something worth drooling over. Technology (no, magic!!) and chocolate have come together to create what could be one of the coolest edible things ever… Your own face, immortalised forever in chocolate form. Well, until somebody eats it. The company behind it is called ‘Candy Mechanics’ and they can either take a 3D scan of your face and feed it into their magical machine, or take a video of your face from different angles and create a scan from that. Once done, the machine does its work and carves your beautiful face into some beautiful chocolate. It really is just beautiful. Can you tell we really like chocolate?

These are the drones you’re looking for

With drones becoming more and more popular and people finding more and more uses for them, drones are everywhere at MWC this year – same as last year. What caught our eye though was the vast difference between them all. Some were huge, the size of a table, and some could quite happily fit in the palm of your hand. Two drones that caught our eye though were the ‘Take’ and the ‘Amigo’ from a company called High Grea, both equipped with high quality cameras with image stabilisation, and both insanely easy to control, unlike most of the other drones on display this year which look like you should have a pilots license to fly or control them.

It’s incredible just how stable and steady the drones were in flight; we were looking out for strings because even putting the controller down, the drone would happily stay in that exact position without flinching. Another cool feature both drones have is a visual tracking system that can basically turn the drone into a flying mechanical pet. A demo we were shown involved someone going for a run and the drone then following them automatically, showing off some really cool shots and scenery from above.

The ‘Take’ is the smaller of the two and is controlled via an app that lets you see exactly what the drone sees, and gives you very easy controls to fly and navigate. These really were the easiest to fly drones we’ve ever seen, with one-button take-off & landing, or even have it return to its take-off position with one-touch. It feels almost like cheating, really.

Want more?

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